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View Systems Inc. provides security and surveillance products to law enforcement facilities such as correctional institutions as well as to government agencies, schools, courthouses, event and sports venues, the military, and commercial businesses. View Systems' products are used by commercial businesses and residential consumers wishing to monitor their assets and limit their liability. As your needs grow and change, View Systems will be your security solutions provider.


Completely Passive System
  • Does not emit nor generate any electro-magnetic fields, radiation, millimeter waves or x-ray.
  • Safe for pacemakers, implants, pregnant women, film, etc.

No Calibration Required
  • Computer-controlled digital system that requires no calibration ever.

Removal of Jewelry, Shoes etc. NOT Required
  • Working off the earth’s magnetic field, the ViewScan detects all anomalies such as guns, knifes, cell phones, and other objects. While gold, silver, copper, etc. do not alert the detector.

Speedy Throughput
  • ViewScan is ideal for stadiums, events and other locations requiring efficient, high-volume screening as quickly as possible.
  • Reduces false alarms by eliminating alarms for jewelry watches, coins etc.

Video Capture
  • The ViewScan has an integrated video channel that captures and, if desired, archives the image of those being screened.

of use
  • The systems’ visual image, which points to exactly where on the individual an anomaly is detected, makes secondary screening easy and quick.
  • The system can be fully networked with a LAN or WAN.  This allows for remote operation and hence operator safety: e.g. a ballistic vestibule with magnetic locks integrated into the ViewScan (see below).

  • The portable unit comes with a case that meets all airline requirements for checked baggage.
  • The ViewScan can be powered by a single battery for up to 8 hours.

  • The ViewScan, is extremely versatile.  The system can be integrated with biometrics, card readers, sally-port lock/unlock mechanisms, etc.
  • The ViewScan can even be built into a doorway if desired.

Repairs and Maintenance
  • Little or no maintenance is required.
  • The overlapping fields allow the unit to remain in use in most cases until repairs are made.


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