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Portable, Battery-Operated Security Screening System & Risk Mitigation Devices

Risk Mitigation DevicesRisk Mitigation Devices


The new ViewScan UltraLite is View’s latest and most compact concealed weapons detection model, taking up little space but providing immensely accurate screening. ViewScan is the most technologically advanced walk-through Concealed Weapons Detection System (CWD). Its easy-to-use, PC-based software displays and tracks persons who are carrying threat objects, greatly simplifying the process of discriminating suspicious items from harmless ones. Its highly sensitive, completely passive sensor technology accurately detects the location and number of threat objects such as knives, guns and razor blades. Simultaneously, it ignores personal artifacts like coins, keys and belt buckles. The graphical user interface (GUI) displays an object’s location on the image of the scanned person (see screen shots on reverse). ViewScan does not interfere with any medical devices including pacemakers and is safe for pregnant women.

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  • Special Events
  • Sports Venues
  • Schools
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Banks
  • Any facility looking to increase safety and security


  • Unit is totally portable and folds in half for easy transport 
  • Arrives packaged in an SKB travel case 
  • Battery operated (optional) 
  • Unit weighs only 23 lbs (Approx. 45 lbs shipping weight) 
  • V.S.U.L. is so compact that it can be checked on an airline flight



  • 4-Hour Battery Life with an optional rechargeable 8 1/2 hour battery
  • Locates and Visually Indicates Threat Objects
  • Adjustable Audible Alarm
  • Reduces False Alarms
  • Faster Throughput than Conventional Metal Detectors
  • Safe for Medical Devices such as Pacemakers
  • Easy-to-Use Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Image and Data Archiving
  • Quickly Prints Evidence 
  • Seamlessly Integrates with View’s Positive ID Management System, sold separately
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