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School Security Products

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The ViewScan, our school security product, is a personnel screening device than can detect guns, knives, and other potential threat objects. ViewScan does not require removal of jewelry or shoes when screening for weapons. Versatile and easy to operate, ViewScan enables operators to scan up to 2 to 3 times faster; more than four times that of conventional airport screening systems. A laptop loaded with View’s proprietary software is provided with each unit. As a student or visitor passes through the portal, a photograph is taken by the integrated camera system and stored. Threat objects are visually located on the computer screen and an audible alert sounds. The graphical user interface (GUI) displays the detected object’s location on the image of the scanned person. This allows for efficient secondary screening.

The ViewScan can be easily customized to suit specific circumstances, and can easily be integrated with card readers, biometrics and other programs. Each unit weighs less than 65 pounds and is very portable - easily relocated to gyms, stadiums etc. for athletic and other special events where personnel screening may be necessary. No calibration is required. Unlike a metal detector, the

ViewScan is passive and produces no harmful emissions. The system is 100% safe, including for pregnant women and people with pacemakers. The ViewScan has been awarded the Qualified Antiterrorism Technology (QATT) designation by DHS.


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We have accreditation from the DPS Police who have implemented our machines in the Detroit Public School System.


View Systems, Inc. School Security Products Clients

  • East Orange High School, East Orange, NJ
  • Detroit Public School System, Detroit, MI
  • Metro Public Schools, Nashville, TN
  • Lookout Mtn Youth Svcs Center, Golden, CO
  • Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, WI


school security productsschool security products